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notes from the desk of Lord Ihone Munro

Tool Wrap

Lord Ihone Munro, AS XL

Projects Completed December, 2015

If you're looking for a fun little project, this is a good one. For beginners, it's a great exercise in stitching. For the experienced, it's a great way to turn a doodle out with purpose. A pretty straight forward design, I set the spacing in the tool segments to be the width of the throwing knives that it would be holding, then stitched in the binding strap with some simple D rings to tie it together. For the design itself, I used a Norse inspired dog format - allowing me to practice at shading with my pyrography pens.

Once it was all stitched up, I also Aussie conditioned it to help protect the burns. All in all, I was very pleased with it.

The raw pyrography completed, before conditioning the leather. The shading really stood out nicely.

The wrap all stitched up with hardware.

Front of the wrap after conditioning.

Constructive feedback is both welcome and appreciated, please let me know if I missed some pertinent information or if there's somewhere I can improve. As always, thanks for reading!