Fun to be had by all!

It doesn't matter if you are a master with the weapons, or have never even picked up a weapon, all are welcome to come out and try as well as learn. If you have your own weapons you like to throw, then bring them out; but if you don't own any weapons, then we will have loaner weapons available for use.

Reminder to all, the thrown weapons range is not a playground for children. Thrown weapons can cause serious injury.
Children are welcome as long as they are accompanied by a responsible guardian.

Thrown Weapons

Children's Throw
The 10-11AM Children's throw is exactly that, a time for children only to enjoy the range without the pressure of adults throwing. Children must be accompanied by a Parent or Legal Guardian.

Night Throw
Thrown Weapons, night time, glow sticks... come on, who wouldn't want to throw sharp glowing objects at glowing targets in the dark. Especially when you see someone miss as the glowing splatter goes flying. By the end of it, you or your friends might even be glowing as well but I'm sure that everyone will have had a good time at it.

Thrown Weapons War Point
You will be plucking the petals off the rose. Hit the color of your enemy on the petal to score a point for your side. Hit your teams color and your enemy gets a point. You get five throws, one throw to each petal. May the best team win.

Warpoints can be thrown anytime from 11am - 4pm.