Come to War Prepared!

Merchants are considered a valuable asset of War of the Wings. Our Marketplace is unequaled in Atlantia. As the event has grown, so has the number of merchants who’ve attended. In order to ensure the populace has the best variety of goods available and that the merchants have the best opportunities to ply their trade profitably, applications will be juried. A three-person panel will determine who will merchant at WOW based on appearance, merchandise, ability to follow rules/directions and previous interactions with the event.


Syele's Stash

Case of Random

Logs bogs

Darkwater armory

Miriam's yarn and fibers

Viking Archery

Badass Garb


Leatherwork by William

Jadi's Silk Road

Sls creations

Green Mountain leather

Munition Grade Arms

Dragonscale Jewelry

Haunted bookseller

Northstar Armory

Rabenwald Metalsmythes

Heroes haven

Egill's Woodstuffs

Practical viking

Claybaby Pottery

By my hand

Calontir trim

Zen armory

Glastonbury Designs

Delights of Cathay

Bovi's beef

Oddysee Coffee

Touch the Earth

Longship Trading Company