War of the Wings 13
The Roses War

Months pass, time flows, and tidings from the people of Atlantia weigh heavy upon our ears. As the contest for control between the York and Lancaster families ignites, there is no doubt that civil war will soon be upon us. Welcome to War of the Wings 13, The War of the Roses! Atlantia’s wings (East – House of Lancaster – Red Roses vs. West – House of York – White Roses) will once again vie for dominance at Elchenburg Castle!

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SITE: Elchenburg Castle 2239 Center Road, Boonville, NC 27011. For more information on site rules and restrictions, click here.

War of the Wings will once again divide into East and West “Wings”:

White (West)
Black Diamond
Border Vale Keep
Highland Forde
Nottinghill Coil
Ponte Alto
Roxbury Mill
Sacred Stone
Armored Commander
Sir Christian Thomas of York
Rapier Commander
Gilbert de Chatillon
Red (East)
Bright Hills
Caer Mear
Dun Carraig
Hidden Mountain
Raven's Cove
Spiaggia Levantina
Windmaster's Hill
Armored Commander
Sir Eckehard Thurn
Rapier Commander
Sanada Akime

War Points

There will be 11 War of the Wings War Points, distributed as follows:

Competition A&S
Performance A&S
Procession Heraldic Display
Target Archery
Thrown Weapons
Youth Combat
Youth Target Archery
1 War Point
1 War Point
1 War Point
1 War Point
1 War Point
1 War Point
1 War Point
1 War Point
1 War Point
1 War Point
1 War Point

For details on which events will contribute directly to the War Points, please refer to the relevant sections of this site.

War of the Wings FAQ

What kind of weather happens at this event?
The weather in NC in October can be changeable. Plan for both cold and hot weather – days can be hot and nights cold. Plan accordingly.

What should I bring?
a) If you are camping, make sure you have talked to your camp land agent about what the camp will have. Some groups have showers and kitchens and some do not. Communicating with the land agent/camp manager will allow you to plan accordingly. The basics are a tent, sleeping bag, cot, lanterns/lights, shower supplies, food, clothing, sunscreen, bug spray, and a chair.
b) If you are day tripping the event, you will need a chair, sunscreen, some food, and clothes.
Make sure you wear good shoes! There will be a lot of walking. A great list of what to bring to events can be found on the Atlantian website.

What do I do when I get to the event?
The first thing you need to do is check in at registration. Often, you will see it labelled troll. At check in, you will need to sign a waiver and pay the event fee. At check in, you will find out where your campsite is and where parking is. They will also have a list of the rules and the flyer for the event. Once you have checked in, if you need clothing, you can check with our Gold Key at newcomers point.

What activities are happening at this event?
There are a couple of activities that you must be a member to participate in, like fighting or horseback riding. However, there are many activities you can take part in, even while brand new. There are many arts and science activities; there are newcomer classes; there is archery and thrown weapons. For younger children, there are kids activities. The flyer will have a basic schedule, but check out the signs at newcomers point and information point for schedule changes.

How do I behave?
The SCA is a group dedicated to recreating the Middle Ages. You will see people with all sorts of different personas at this event. We have a couple of basic rules. One big one is that you try to dress to fit in. Your garb does not need to be perfect, but you need to make an attempt to look medieval. Another big one is that you are courteous. We try to treat everyone with respect. We call people lord or lady. As you wander the event, talk to folks and ask questions. Don’t’ be afraid of talking to folks. Take classes, volunteer to help, ask questions.

What if I run into trouble?
In the SCA, we have an officer called the chatelain. That person is there to help you get involved. If you run into trouble, look for a person wearing a blue and white tassel. They will be a chatelain who is willing to help you.