Experience the pagentry

Pomp, gallantry, and the perfect experience for a medieval atmosphere, War of the Wings continues to be a premier horse event! Many exciting activities are expected to make this year better than ever!

Equestrian Activities

Details for this year's event are currently being organized.
Please check back for details.

Thursday, 4-9pm: Night Tourney
Beginning at dusk, we will be running a course consisting of heads, reeds and Quintain.

Friday, 10am-1pm: Ride before a Princess/Prince
A competition that shows off your horses training and your ability to ride.

Friday, 2-5pm: Challenge Course
The challenge course is a number of obstacles that you and your horse must go thru. Such as water, carrying objects large and small or dragging things.

Saturday, 10am-1pm: The Grand Tourney
The Grand Tourney will be a helm competition (anyone can enter), a ring joust, quintain and then the foam joust.

Saturday, 2-4pm: Tippet Tag
Flag football on horseback. Each rider has two tippets (flags), one on each arm. The rider with the most tippets on their person from other riders wins.