Armored Combat

Welcome to war! Armored combatants are able to experience several melee and tournament formats throughout the event.

In addition to the scheduled combat, a Live Steel Demonstration/Experiment will be held at 6pm on Friday evening. The experiment is to explore the possibility of fighting with steel weapons in the SCA. It is being conducted by the Armored community. There would be no melee. As this is the first time for this experiment, we will be using very controlled processes and procedures. Much of this is unknown, so we need to start the learning curve to see how things work. All weapons and armor will be screened by a select group of people.
(sponsored by Duke Michael of Bedford/Atlantian Earl Marshal/Society Earl Marshal)

Armored War Points

1pm Thursday: Battle of Tewkesbury (Champions Tournament)

Open Tournament for all combatants, both Rapier and Armored. York and Lancaster Armored and Rapier Captains will pair champions in singles or small teams to match the opposing army’s offering in a fast moving and entertaining start to the War. Armored and Rapier champions will share the field with alternating bouts. In this scenario, all combatants present will have the opportunity to support their family as a champion. Support Lancaster or York by fighting for, or cheering on, your family.

10am Friday: Battle of Bosworth Fields

Three engagements; the objective for two of the bouts is to capture the predetermined objectives and hold on to them until the end of the battle. Best 2 out of three in each bout wins that engagement. The first two bouts have resurrection and combat archery. The last engagement will be a last combatant standing objective to achieve victory. No resurrection or combat archery in this bout. War Point goes to best 2 out of 3 engagements.

3pm Friday: Battle of St. Albans (Town)

A timed battle. Each side will get a chance to attack and defend the town. Victory objective is to have the lowest attack time and win the War Point.

10am Saturday: Severn Bridge Battle

A timed battle. Three engagements. Victory is achieved by holding more than 50% of bridge for a majority of the unannounced check points, including the end. The first two bouts have resurrection and combat archery. Last engagement goes to last combatant standing. No resurrection or combat archery.

2pm Saturday: Battle of Wakefield (Woods)

A timed battle. Victory is achieved by whichever side holds 2 of the 3 flags/banners at the end of the time. Combat Archery allowed.


12pm Friday: Novice Tournament

An Atlantian Speed Style tournament open to all heavy fighters who are 2 years or less from their first authorization.
(sponsored by House Serpent and Anvil)

1pm Friday: Red Belt Tournament

This tournament will be run "Atlantian Speed Style" Double Elimination. To be eligible a fighter must be a squire at the time of the tournament.
(sponsored by Chateau d'Amis)

2pm Friday: Missile Weapon Tournament

A speed round variance of the Missile Weapon Tourney. More details to follow.
(sponsored by Cameron de Grey)

7pm Friday: Baronial Champions Torchlight Tournament

This is a tourney to pit all the Baronies Champions against each other.
(sponsored by Alwin of Nottinghill Coill)

12pm Saturday: Black Belt Tournament

Atlantian Speed Style tournament for all unbelts who are not currently in a squire/knight relationship.
(sponsored by House Tavernier)

1pm Saturday: Iron Rose Tournament

Atlantian Speed Style tournament for female fighters.
(sponsored by Sir Christian Thomas of York)