Plenty of Range Time for All Archers

The schedule for the archery range may change times due to other activities during War of the Wings. Any important change will be posted near the trail to the archery range.

As a reminder to all, the archery range is not a playground for children. Arrows can cause serious injury.

Youth must be accompanied by a parent or authorized guardian for the time they are in the archery range. Children may not be dropped off unsupervised!


This year's theme centers around the War of the Roses featuring friend and foe targets, red versus white.

Archery War Points

Clout Shoot (can only be shot once)
The Clout Shoot will be set up in the “town” on the heavy field, 8-9am Friday and Saturday mornings. Archers will fire 12 arrows each from four walk-up stations (3 arrows per station) into the town and attempt to hit the target within the center of the main building.

Timed Shoot (can be shot three times)
The Timed Shoot will be a window shoot with 30 seconds to shoot as many arrows or bolts as possible. There will be a window with six ground targets on the other side. Archers will shoot for their side, aiming through the castle window at the army of Yorks and Lancasters - depicted as red and white roses - below.

Static Shoot (can be shot three times)
The Static Shoot will be a target shoot with six arrows per archer. Archers will shoot for their side, aiming through certain obstacles in front of the target, and attempt to hit the target on the other side. Target will be a friend/foe depicting a Lancaster and a York engaged in combat.

Friday, 11am-1pm: Period Bow Shoot Hosted by Lord Naran Numuchi
The Period Bow Shoot will have prizes for Longbow and Static-Eared Recurve (any bow can be shot off of a horse). NO Pistol Grips or arrow-shelves of any kind. NO plastic arrow nocks. Garb and archery tackle matching for time period and culture gets you 5 extra points.
The Qabak will be shot with arrows and bolts provided.
The Manchu Tunken requires 2 rubber blunted arrows/bolts, Bunny Buster blunts, or similar.
The Clout will be shot from 8-9am on Friday morning, during the War Point Clout Shoot and will utilize the same target.
A prize will be awarded for best ensemble of garb and tackle.